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DR MEDITECH SURGICAL & DIAGNOSTICS INDIA PVT LTD. is recognized as an emerging Diagnostics Company in India, established since 2002. And it is the complete Diagnostics Solution Provider whether a Blood Bank, Pathology Lab, Microbiology Lab and Research Labs.

It is managed by a group of highly trained, experienced and dedicated professionals. The Company is providing healthcare products to Government, Private Hospitals and Pathology labs. The company provides products from leading manufacturers and principals. Our motto is providing total diagnostics solutions for customer satisfaction.

List of the Companies Being Represented By Dr Meditech & Surgical & Diagnostics (I) Pvt Ltd
1. Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd 18. Rapid Diagnostics (P) Ltd
2. Piramal Healthcare Ltd. 19. Kan Healthcare
3. J.Mitra & Co. Pvt Ltd 20. Nectar Life sciences Ltd
4. Merck Specialities Pvt. Ltd 21. SD Diagnostics Pvt Ltd
5. RFCL Ltd. 6. Biomerieux India Pvt. Ltd. 22. Weldon Biotech (I) Pvt Ltd.
6. Bio-Rad Laboratories (I) Pvt. Ltd. 23. Gem Industrial corporation
7. Span Diagnostics Ltd. 24. Axiom Laboratory
8. Biomerieux India Pvt. Ltd. 25. Narang scientific works pvt. Ltd
9. Greiner Bio-one (i) Pvt ltd. 26. CTK Biotech inc
10. Peerless Biotech (P) Ltd. 27. Fine Care Ltd.
11. J.K Diagnostics (P) Ltd. 28. Alfa Bio Plast
12. Trivitron Diagnostics (P) Ltd, 29. Jupiter Reagents
13. Kruise Path line (P) Ltd, 30. Qualikems fine chem. Pvt ltd.
14. Eastern Medikit Ltd. 31. Choksi Imaging ltd.(Laser Films)
15. Suyog Diagnostics (P) Ltd. 32. Microgene Diagnostics Systems Pvt ltd.
16. Organo Biotech Laboratories (P) Ltd. 33. Zoetic Healthcare (P) Ltd.
17. I care International Pvt. Ltd.